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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in New Orleans.

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ID 398667

Joshua A. Lesser

Looking to make a difference.

ID 516354

Patrick Graham

Founder PLOW. 1st company at 16, 2nd company at 17. Have led operations, enterprise software dev, digital marketing, business intelligence and tended bar.

ID 195543

Natasia Malaihollo

2-time startup founder; Chief Innovator @wyzerr. Former trademark and copyright agent to corporations, patent specialist to tech giants (Samsung, IBM).

ID 527302

Edie Feinstein

Do-er @dinner-lab | Proud Venture for America fellow | Lover of all things food |

ID 561514

Billy Utt

MBA, Worked with startups in e-commerce, consumer goods, and food and beverage. Looking to keep on helping startups turn the corner.

ID 45905

Ben Jacobson

Co-Founder & CFO of @old-harbor-outfitters (manufacture/wholesale/retail/ecommerce). Was integral in growing it to a multi-million dollar vertical company.

ID 118354

Joel Wietelmann

Co-founder & CTO @revelry. Serious about architecture. Ruthless about MVP. Facebook pays me to build their UX research tools.

ID 834163

Joshua Mastracci

JD student at @tulane-university. BA in economics from @boston-college.

ID 116897

Max Gaudin

Founder @sidework, Airpnp • Worked at @shredworthy • Studied at @university-of-new-orleans

ID 751666

Logan Ebel

Emory MS, Sustainable Design of Social Enterprises; proven models used domestically and internationally.

ID 571587

Jimmy Michaels

Attorney looking to create

ID 497383

Max Rosenberg

UCL MA Economics and Bentley grad. Seeking employment in consulting, VC, PE, or growth role at start up. Strategy, biz dev and consulting experience.

ID 345576

Grant Landry

Works at eTax Credit Exchange; Worked at Receivables Exchange; 7 years experience with Financial Exchange Start-ups

ID 416492

Michael Mayer

Studied at Wharton, fellow at VFA & Marketing Manager at Federated Sample, founded non-profit, Startup Effect, & looking for collaborative & creative team

ID 578084

Ryan Sullivan

Energetic professional, worked in operations at The Receivables Exchange in association with NYSE EuroNext.

ID 119835

Christien Louviere

Selling conceptual products since 1991.

ID 506264

Heath Gardenhire


ID 328339

Adam Jake Steinberg

Real Estate, Media, Client Relations, Hustler, Production, Copywriting

ID 663720

Alice Lee

Project, operations manager experienced in data systems and processes, customer relationships and support, staff training. Grew / developed team of 4 analysts.

ID 523942

Colleen Adams

Sr. Program Manager, strong functional background, driver of agile transformations

ID 363716

Seth B

Cornell->Local Market Operations and Supply Partnership Management at Expedia->Building Partnerships at GetGoing

ID 714274

Anna Daskovsky

MBA Candidate graduating 2015 in finance & entrepreneurship -- financial modeling, business operations, lean startup, Excel, Quickbooks, Salesforce & other CRM

ID 559103

Kendall Jones

ID 672968

Claire Murphy-Ernst

Talented, educated, and dynamic Client Services and Operations leader with an extensive background in educational technology

ID 571277

Kelle Ory

Creative strategist and researcher, Editorial Assistant for University Provost Report, Started delivery bakery in New Orleans, Cafeteria Coordinator

ID 443858

Sarah Williams

Undergraduate at Tulane University. Background in leadership and research. BS Neuroscience, BA Spanish 2014.

ID 473686

Aleena Ashary

Driven soon-to-be Tulane graduate. Mathematics and Philosophy. Co-founded social venture during undergrad. Qualitative and quantitative analytical skills

ID 852572

Alina Abazova

TFA Corps Member in Greater New Orleans. High School Physical, Earth and Environmental Science Teacher. Barnard/Columbia Graduate 

ID 560375

ella dove

Tulane University Graduate, Experienced Public Health and Nutrtion Consultant, Social Media and Marketing Experience

ID 521058

bonnie canal

Dynamic, result-oriented, entrepreneurial professional with more than twenty years experience.

ID 150800

Timothy Taylor, Jr.

Operations Manager, @new-name-coming Studied at @university-of-phoenix-mba

ID 446496

Spencer Gray

Teacher. @NYCSchools high school social studies. @GreenDotSchools SAT Prep. @KIPPNO 5th grade reading. @TFA alum. CMO @edueverytime

ID 682379

Diantre Brown

ID 676807

Bonnie Buchanan

ID 702257

Jeffery Pellegrin, BSEE, MBA

ID 570686

Ahmed Al-Massry

Strong business background, Tulane Freeman MBA 2014

ID 613227

Matthew Cali

Grad student, pro athlete and strength and conditioning coach. I hold a B.S. in Exercise Science and an MSc. in Entreprenuership and Business Management

ID 843953

Chris Fox

Loyola Chicago BA and MBA, Tulane Law JD 2015

ID 114548

Ryan Lipps

Research Coordinator at @cbre

ID 685746

Alec Regitsky

Data Analytics, eCommerce Analytics, Risk Management, Financial Analysis

ID 889284

Shane Colman

Tech-minded educator with a dash of online journalist

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