New Orleans Startups List

Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in New Orleans.

Meet 325 entepreneurs, makers, and investors based in New Orleans

ID 401101

Ryan Holiday


Dir of Marketing: American Apparel, Advisor: Tim Ferriss, Robert Greene, Tucker Max, creativeLIVE My books: Trust Me I'm Lying. Growth Hacker Marketing

ID 606723

Elizabeth Kukla

ID 278337

Joe Ellis

Full stack developer / designer with deep experience in user interface design, Javascript, and Ruby.

ID 118047

Darren P Hoffman

Founder of Tutti Dynamics. 11+ years music & film production, Lincoln Center, New World Center. BFA, FSU. Basin Street Scholar, University of New Orleans.

ID 158504

Kristen McEntyre

President of @tutti-dynamics. Worked at FiLife, @google News, PBS, Cambridge Associates, Roberston Stephens. MA, @stanford-university BA, Williams College

ID 35349

Vic Gatto


entrepreneur turned VC. Interested in learning about seed / early stage deals & evergreen funds.

ID 230887

Gil Hildebrand

Tech cofounder @squidoo, @collabfinder. Specialize in Data Analysis, Business Intel, Software Performance and Scaling.

ID 38373

Paul Hoeper

Founded @invoiceasap. Took us from Startup Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt all the way to the Finals!

ID 626616

Brennan White


Co-Founder and CEO @cortex-3 ; Co-Founder @pandemic-labs

ID 152168

Ginevra Kirkland

Community whisperer. Copywriter. Bartender to the stars.

ID 276516

Christy Mitchell Luquire


Co-founder/SVP Finance & Admin at Federated Sample • Worked at Wachovia/Wells Fargo's Investment Bank • Studied Engineering @duke-university University, Executive MBA @wharton-school School of Business

ID 32448

Gerard Ramos

Co-Founder at Revelry Labs. Previously e-commerce at @zappos and @williams-sonoma.

ID 321634

Matt Ekstrom

ID 391463

Taylor Lapeyre

Worked at Everlane, Keletaire, and the Louisiana Biomedical Research Network. Studies at LSU.

ID 27610

Lynn Yeldell


Founder of L Style G Style. Investor in Rockify and Ticketbud.

ID 416492

Michael Mayer

Studied at Wharton, fellow at VFA & Marketing Manager at Federated Sample, founded non-profit, Startup Effect, & looking for collaborative & creative team

ID 125262

Peter Bodenheimer


Co-Founder & CEO of @barnotes, Partner at @launch-pad, & Partner at Ruby on Rails firm @flatstack. Building things is what makes me happy.

ID 215834

Mark Berenson MD


Founder @nola-doc • Worked at @sharepractice, @care-practice • Investor @sharepractice

ID 71517

Charles Handler


Straight talk, thought leadership, and best practice implementation for pre-employment assessment

ID 405123

James Richards

This is a test

ID 93700

Ross Baird


Executive Director, Village Capital

ID 4660

Jennifer Medbery

CEO of Kickboard, Teach For America, computer science at Columbia University

ID 690688

Stephen Rosenthal

ID 159620

Randy Fertel


ID 171741

Kelley Boothe

Cofounder, CEO @southernalpha. Design at Global Editor's Network. Studied @western-kentucky-university

ID 70613

Jason Nicosia

CMO at @commitchange, Founded @connect-for-a-cause • worked at @transformyx • Studied at @louisiana-state-university, @california-state-university-monterey-bay

ID 134467

Matt Candler


Founder + CEO: 4.0 Schools. Once upon: 96 Olympics, Casady School, KIPP, NYC Charter Ctr, New Schools 4 New Orleans. Dad, maker.

ID 116897

Max Gaudin

Founder @sidework, Airpnp • Worked at @shredworthy • Studied at @university-of-new-orleans

ID 32030

Private Leverage


Malcolm Sykes is investing in the Peer 2 Peer lending space.

ID 277362

Will Donaldson

Founder @launchpad, @donaldson-development, Mgmt team at RES (Inc 500 company); Fellow for MBA at @tulane-university University

ID 373547

Alexander Bea

Founder @niko-niko • Worked at @flatstack, @barnotes • Studied at @middlebury-college

ID 2704

Ben Lavender

Co-founder of @dydra. Programmer, founder, nerd.

ID 32538

Elliott Adams

Prof at Loyola New Orleans. Ex-goverment (tech-focused public policy & economic development), ex-CD Baby (acq. $22m in 08).

ID 363716

Seth B

Cornell->Local Market Operations and Supply Partnership Management at Expedia->Building Partnerships at GetGoing

ID 66730


ID 116929

Christian Ruth


CEO & General Partner, Covenant Capital Holdings

ID 7719

Joseph Holleman


Founder and CEO of @magister-technologies and developer of its core technologies

ID 95911

Martin Roth

Director of Sales at @zlien Previously a co-founder of @giftmeo

ID 28301

Ross Hinkle


founder + chief fan @liveset. entrepreneur, amateur guitarist, music lover, new orleanian, reformed media-focused private equity investor.

ID 64170

Jeffrey Lin

Founder of @lawyerfy. Created Ecommerce Webstore in 1995. CS major from USC. Former @microsoft @adobe-systems @valueclick. Currently at @strongmail

ID 41523

Richard Mueller III


Owner/partner in RPM Pizza, LLC largest Domino's Pizza franchise in U.S. Investor mostly real estate and restaurant industry. Getting into tech.

ID 119835

Christien Louviere

Selling conceptual products since 1991.

ID 650485

Alex Rawitz

Work @the-idea-village | @venture-for-america 2013 Fellow | @cornell-university Alum

ID 43295

J. Anthony Miguez

Head of Strategy for Zurich Scudder's VC arm during web 1.0, co-managed $50MM PE fund,15 years working in/on/around start-ups

ID 516354

Patrick Graham

Founder PLOW. 1st company at 16, 2nd company at 17. Have led operations, enterprise software dev, digital marketing, business intelligence and tended bar.

ID 125667

Zack Dever

Analytics at Rdio, previously hacked on Kinects at @kinobi

ID 124708

Cole Wiley

Lead Interface Developer at @kinobi

ID 96293

Barrett Conrad

Founder and Player One at @red-ticket-games.

ID 527302

Edie Feinstein

Do-er @dinner-lab | Proud Venture for America fellow | Lover of all things food |

ID 21867

Paul Dietzel

Founder of @anedot, @pepperdine-university MBA and Master of Public Policy, UX designer, team builder and product evangelist

ID 113480

Marco Nelson

Founder & Team Member

ID 195543

Natasia Malaihollo

2-time startup founder; Chief Innovator @wyzerr. Former trademark and copyright agent to corporations, patent specialist to tech giants (Samsung, IBM).

ID 134321

Phil Winfield

Lead Designer at @kinobi

ID 220369

Gerard Cox

Serial entrepreneur, strategy/management expert

ID 95918

Michael Angle

CEO Co-founder @giftmeo, previously founded Classes on Demand

ID 24753

Benjamin Reece

Developer + Designer // Founder, Deltree (Coke, The Guggenheim, & Salesforce +) // Creator, Fifty People, One Question (web series)

ID 358192

Sam Makaryan

Entrepreneur. Founded @smart-layover, @regal-hospitality-solutions and @hospitality-parking-services

ID 270257

Scott Wolfe Jr

Founder zlien • Studied at @southern-methodist-university, @loyola-university-new-orleans

ID 44162

Travis Laurendine

Swiss Army Knife in Entrepreneurship, Technology, Entertainment, and New Orleans. Studied @Vanderbilt then learned what I know by bootstrapping new businesses.

ID 624124

Rob Lalka

Director of Strategy & Partnerships at @village-capital. Formerly with the Howard G. Buffett Foundation (2012-14) and @us-department-of-state (2008-12).

ID 259756

Chris Laibe


CEO of StaffInsight and inFRONT. Founded inFRONT after 12 years at DuPont. Strong business and strategy background.

ID 32962

John Barnette

Partner at Shady Ventures.

ID 118359

Jim Longo

Founder @discuss • Worked at @voteit, Itracks, and Harris Interactive. Qualitative Research Consultant.

ID 295824

Chris Mangum


Growth-oriented executive with extensive experience in strategy, business development, M&A, corporate venturing, innovation and entrepreneurship.

ID 220439

Clayton Randle

Former Commercial Real Estate Executive now transforming the industry through technology Founder @ Steelbranch, Worked @Bear Stearns & Co. Inc., @ Eurohyp AG, @smith-barney

ID 301236

Robby Moss


Private company owner interested in startups from New Orleans and beyond.

ID 219087

Dan Chiorean

Founder of LegalEZ & DC Financial Group. University of Michigan BSE, Tulane Law JD. Evacuteer. Lawyer.

ID 196323

Taylor Donner

Web Developer from @MakerSquare. Associate at @techstars with experience in Business Development, R&A, content creation, and much more.

ID 233165

Manuel Valencia

Michigan MBA, startup-to-IPO experience, B2B-focus, international business experience, strong presenter, mentoring experience.

ID 30923

Christopher C. Brown

Producer / Government Liaison / J.D. Candidate

ID 218385

Katy Tackett

Studied at @university-of-mississippi

ID 43754

Oliver Azevedo Barnes

Web app dev, rubyist at @haystackedu. CTO at @3bounce

ID 224634

Will Bradley

Currently working on Product at FundersClub. Co-founder of Springy LLC. Formerly at Microsoft.

ID 724206

Patrick Burtchaell

Front end web developer at Peach

ID 63179

Tom Fischmann

Focused on adapting long-shelf-life content into digital formats for broad audiences. Licensing, sales, business development and product strategy.

ID 12477

Nick Vivion

Chief Wrangler at Unicorn Booty; travel tech reporter at; street food enthusiast at Booty's; travel filmmaker all over the world!

ID 518429

Sara Cullen

ID 398446

Blaine W. Lindsey, JD, MPH

CEO @GetHealthyInc; Founder @CapraHealth; Former BD @Healthcare_ABC; JD/MPH @Emory

ID 111230

Peggy Dold

Founder, Navigation Partners LLC; Global Marketing Strategist & Entertainment Consultant

ID 118329

Taylor Beery


Founded three companies since 2010, two with strong exits so far. Senior Policy Advisor to White House post-Katrina rebuilding Czar. I-banker with Citigroup.

ID 254574

Andre Feigler

Founder @youth-run-nola • Worked at @teach-for-america • Studied at @columbia-university

ID 162062

Matthew Culpepper

Founder @connect-for-a-cause • Worked at @iseatz • Studied at @mississippi-state-university

ID 245651

Alexander Kronberger

Founder Techomotive Incorporated • Studied at @oxford-university, @brandeis-university

ID 213948

SP Bourgeois

President of Daedalus Services; worked @pa-consulting-group & @tetra-tech • Have MBA, & studied philosophy and religion @harvard-university, @hampden-sydney-college

ID 45905

Ben Jacobson

Co-Founder & CFO of @old-harbor-outfitters (manufacture/wholesale/retail/ecommerce). Was integral in growing it to a multi-million dollar vertical company.

ID 231077

Andrea Primeaux

Founder Dreanie, A Turnkey Vacation Rental Platform. Vacation Property Consultant, Developer + Marketing Director of Vista de la luz.

ID 596639

Alexander (Alex) Girau

Founder @advano. PhD dropout @tulane-university-1 . I built my first biochemical reactor at 16 and now make quantum dots 2000x cheaper.

ID 231672

Carlo MacDonald

It's not about what we are doing today, but what we will be doing in three years. 25 Year IT Evangelist with numerous successful IT companies.

ID 198784

Rahlyn Gossen

Founder of Rebar Interactive, a digital strategy and patient engagement company serving the clinical trial industry. Health tech geek.

ID 218445

Walter C Flower III

Founder and President of his investment firm, Walter C. Flower, III offers investment counsel to diverse clients ranging from individuals to corporate entities.

ID 521869

Beth Jenkins Stubbings

Founded Titurel Corporation. Director of Development at Habitat for Humanity. Educational grant writer for public school systems in Texas.

ID 245511

John Abraham

Founder Techomotive Incorporated • MBA, Finance @tulane-university University. Background in Project management, operations, project costing and financing

ID 59022

Stacey Tallitsch

CEO of @corporate-prophet. Educated in IT, contracted by Govt & Fortune 500 for the last 15 years. Discovered how the unconscience mind can predict the market.

ID 229962

Knud Berthelsen

CEO & Founder @connect-trade, experienced online marketing strategist • @tulane-university MBA, studied at @montana-state-university & @university-of-oslo

ID 129360

Patrick Mansfield


Partner @gulf Search Capital and @Vatican Capital.

ID 194419

Eric Lavin

Co-founder and CEO @whetstone-education Former Social Studies teacher @teach-for-america Former consultant / banker at @next-street Studied at @tulane-university

ID 310941

JP Lapeyre


Been an Intrapreneur in 3 industries (defense, packet video, and telecom) and have successfully grown each 'start-up'. Board/Member of Tech Coast Angels since 2008.

ID 806466

Prabhaav Bhardwaj

Software Engineer @xilinx-inc Marketing @mentor-graphics M.Sc @virginia-tech B.Sc @tulane-university Passion for Finance & Technology Venture Capital

ID 497383

Max Rosenberg

UCL MA Economics and Bentley grad. Seeking employment in consulting, VC, PE, or growth role at start up. Strategy, biz dev and consulting experience.

ID 306928

Adrian Mendez

Tulane MBA 2014, focus on Strategy & Global Management. LRI Entrepreneurship Fellow. Experience in education & hospitality entrepreneurship.

ID 557787

Darris Hoskins

ID 147923

Chad Baniecki

Founder @disco-melee • Worked at @happy-s-irish-pub, @plucker-s-wing-bar • Studied at @louisiana-state-university, @oklahoma-state-university

ID 300677

Elliot Sanchez

CEO & Founder @mschool • Worked at @teach-for-america, @kipp-schools • Managed math programs for 700k kids, 2 state superintendents.

ID 186752

Rand Ragusa

ID 172371

Sean O'Neill

Founder Couchster • Studied at @tulane-university,

ID 63963

Mitchell Klein

co-founder Maxwell Worthington, turnkey solutions for the enterprise cloud

ID 502214

Chris Stuckey

Founder Maritant • Worked at @gibbs-cox, @incat-crowther • Studied at @university-of-new-orleans

ID 57065

Glen Mehn


Managing Director/partner at Bethnal Green Ventures

ID 372530

Britt Veal

Details specialist, start-up enthusiast, Nola native

ID 328339

Adam Jake Steinberg

Real Estate, Media, Client Relations, Hustler, Production, Copywriting

ID 335216

Paul Christmann

VP Development at iSeatz, leading dev efforts to build apps for major travel companies. 15+ years leading dev teams.

ID 213967


Founder HE SWIM • Worked at @beckman-coulter, @telluride-ski-and-golf-resort • Studied at @boston-college, @university-of-massachusetts-amherst

ID 367600

Uchechi Kalu Jacobson

UX, Project Management and Content Strategy at Linking Arts. Strong content writing background. UC Berkeley valedictorian, 2001. Published author, 2006.

ID 523942

Colleen Adams

Sr. Program Manager, strong functional background, driver of agile transformations

ID 578084

Ryan Sullivan

Energetic professional, worked in operations at The Receivables Exchange in association with NYSE EuroNext.

ID 118354

Joel Wietelmann

Co-founder & CTO @revelry. Serious about architecture. Ruthless about MVP. Facebook pays me to build their UX research tools.

ID 528108

Matthew Duguid

Founder Montainer • Studied @ University of Tennessee School of Architecture • Past Exp. @ Lee Ledbetter Assoc., New Orleans • BSA Architects, San Francisco

ID 345576

Grant Landry

Works at eTax Credit Exchange; Worked at Receivables Exchange; 7 years experience with Financial Exchange Start-ups

ID 273320

Elliot Fleming

Founder @equity-slice • Studied at @tulane-university, @boston-university

ID 571587

Jimmy Michaels

Attorney looking to create

ID 125306

365 Connect

365 Connect provides award winning, leading edge technology platforms to the multifamily housing industry, that deliver prospects and retain residents.

ID 107647

gerrish lopez

ID 663720

Alice Lee

Project, operations manager experienced in data systems and processes, customer relationships and support, staff training. Grew / developed team of 4 analysts.

ID 296386

Peter Loop

Founded @eTaxCreditExchange

ID 571758

Olivia Boger

Duke Sociology and Policy Journalism and Media studies 2013 grad. Teach for America in New Orleans. Interested in summer 2014 internship.

ID 213589

Clayton White


ID 45562

Andrew Dunn

Finance & Technology guy in New Orleans

ID 506264

Heath Gardenhire


ID 786319

Nathan Justice

Hult MBA and social entrepreneur with 7 years experience in Public Relations and Marketing

ID 110523

David Lago

Director or IT for a Fortune 200 company with extensive experience in IT, electronics, and embedded systems. Master's degree from McIntire School of Commerce.

ID 398667

Joshua A. Lesser

Looking to make a difference.

ID 155030

Karl V. Reed

Founder D.A.S.H. Logistics, D.A.S.H. Logistics • Worked at @ibm, @xerox • Studied at @tulane-university, @creighton-university

ID 752215

Laura Martin

Experienced CPA Looking for Small Company

ID 240070

Jason Doherty

Worked at @new-orleans-bioinnovation-center-nobic • Studied at @university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill, @north-carolina-state-university

ID 689117

Paul Baudier

ID 811802

Clara Lyle

ID 614247

Garrett Boyle

Recent law graduate looking for startup work

ID 301219

Douglas Finley

Founder SocialChomp. Entrepreneur.

ID 411690

Sam Randolph

My mom says I'm a catch.

ID 561514

Billy Utt

MBA, Worked with startups in e-commerce, consumer goods, and food and beverage. Looking to keep on helping startups turn the corner.

ID 763440

Paulina Rodriguez

Applied mathematics graduate. Extensive applied math research experience. Worked in the UC system.

ID 209610

Dr. R. Christopher Goodwin

Dr. R. Christopher Goodwin draws on his decades of research in both anthropology and archeology as the head of his own preservation planning firm.

ID 173164

brad huber

Worked at @iseatz, @touring-plans • Studied at @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute, @louisiana-tech-university

ID 272521

John Henry

IT Project Management, PMO setup, strategic Project, Program & Portfolio Management

ID 331129

Peter Jacobson

Designing and building mobile and Web applications since 1996. Founded Linking Arts in 2004. Specialties: Development, UX, IT Management, Event Production

ID 502154

Ryan Linstrom

Designerd and Storyteller. Focused on User experience, and social impact. MA International Development.

ID 214811

Lem Sanders

Advisor @enhatch, Founder @health-2-0-new-orleans • Worked at @manhattan-research, @decision-resources

ID 453809

Staacy Cannon

Founder Grok & Banter • Worked at @kirei • Studied at @academy-of-art-university, @university-of-nevada-reno

ID 433482

Kevin Bratcher

Tulane MBA, Finance, Marketing, and Strategy experience. Worked and consulted with multiple start-ups around New Orleans.

ID 562447

Stephanie Bissell

Financial Ops Manager at Ochsner Health System. Founded/Co-Founded 2 startups. LSU MBA 2012. Additional experience in marketing/sales & project management.

ID 289747

Samira Salman

#BusinessAdvisor #ReformedLawyer #UBERConnector #StrategicCollaborator #LifestyleArchitect #Catalyst #PassionActivator #SamirasTable #CulinaryInfluencer #Foodie

ID 208124

Lee Gillentine

Multi-disciplinary programmer. Proud practitioner of Agile development and KISS.

ID 618535

Ric Neil

ID 61175

Pablo Guth

Founder of @yojito; Washington and @lee-university University @school-of-law JD 2011; Currently working at Arias & Muñoz Law Firm in San Salvador.

ID 627246

Drew Brownlee

Consultative Sales Professional with technology and information management experience + an MBA in strategic management & leadership and international business.

ID 659555

Steve Strutt

ID 323248

Christopher Kletecka

MBA with strong technical and finance background. Experience with defense, medical biotech industries.

ID 233857

Cole Bernstein

Licensed Customs Broker & Freight Forwarder in New Orleans & the Gulf Coast Area. SMU MBA in 2010.

ID 816238

Helen Floersh

ID 834163

Joshua Mastracci

JD student at @tulane-university. BA in economics from @boston-college.

ID 751666

Logan Ebel

Emory MS, Sustainable Design of Social Enterprises; proven models used domestically and internationally.

ID 181896

Keith James

Founded BM Web Studios in 1996, successful exit in 2006. IOS developer, Restless Entrepreneur

ID 446496

Spencer Gray

Teacher. @NYCSchools high school social studies. @GreenDotSchools SAT Prep. @KIPPNO 5th grade reading. @TFA alum. CMO @edueverytime

ID 277520

Mark Graffagnini


Founder @graffagnini-associates-llc, @aestus-power • Worked at @wilson-sonsini-goodrich-rosati, @lemle-kelleher • Studied at @tulane-university, @university-of-redlands

ID 47832

Michael Weber

Co-founder & developer at @pixt-com. Co-founder & developer at @noladefender-com. Art director at NYPress.

ID 488677

Daniel S. Hobbs, EA

Founder at Peer Lending Group, Inc; Author @ Proactive Taxes; IRS Enrolled Agent; ex-Goldman; ex-Nomura; Finance '08 @ Univ of Fla

ID 124632

Beau Button


Entrepreneur, Technologist & Funny Guy!

ID 485091

Laney Ming

ID 114548

Ryan Lipps

Research Coordinator at @cbre

ID 478978

gabriella shavel

ID 570686

Ahmed Al-Massry

Strong business background, Tulane Freeman MBA 2014

ID 856124

Charles Allen

ID 367389

Sean Douglass

Ran Marketing Campaigns for Treaty Energy Corporation, Rampant Leon Financial Corporation, Axiom Global Properties, the Orpehum Theater of New Orleans, and Rare Cuts, LLC. Owns a small niche' art store.

ID 222835

Justen Burdette

Healthcare geek (in recovery) helping build Ting, a mobile intrapreneurial startup at Tucows. HIStalk Industry Figure of the Year way back in 2006.

ID 228820

Jeffrey Zehnder

CEO of Zehnder Communications, where we build better brands with an integrated approach to marketing. Follow us @ZehnderCom

ID 791005

Michael Blank

ID 234015

Connor Dismer

Worked at @connect-trade • Studied at @tulane-university

ID 134375

Kent Bloxson

Executive in charge at @mstv-productions. I founded @mstv-productions in 2005 and brought it to life in 2007 with our flagship programming offering - MyScene TV.

ID 436553

Jacob Hertzig

LSU graduate with a degree in Sports Administration; Worked at FishBait Marketing, Nike, and Marucci Sports.

ID 886793

Dee Boling

Talented content management in both digital and print coupled with event planning savvy.

ID 876628

Meagan Fuller

ID 196001

Rob Caraway

I created Nice applications (mobile and web) like Valt (

ID 752571

Steven de Brueys

Worked in marketing, movie, entertainment and sports industry. Marketing strategist and entrepreneur.

ID 339766

Michael Weaver


Finance professional with over 25 years of experience in large, small and start-up organizations.

ID 512365

Raj Patap

Studied at @louisiana-state-university

ID 473686

Aleena Ashary

Driven soon-to-be Tulane graduate. Mathematics and Philosophy. Co-founded social venture during undergrad. Qualitative and quantitative analytical skills

ID 403933

Arpit Bhopalkar

MBA candidate - class of 2015 at A.B Freeman School of Business. Worked with startups in New Orleans with Idea Village. Audited World Bank assisted projects in India while working for the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

ID 254651

Alexandra Anastos

Education: Tulane University, A.B. Freeman School of Business. BSM Finance and Entrepreneurial Mgmt; International Development minor. Freeman School of Business GPA: 3.8. Will graduate May 2013. Experience: Equity Analyst at Burkenroad Reports, Corporate

ID 522118

Ari Shifman

Senior at Tulane's Freeman School of Business. Interned at HP Indigo in Tel Aviv Israel. Aspiring business owner and entrepreneur. Written about in

ID 199574

George Mauer

Worked at @surge-consulting-group, @eps-software • Studied at @tulane-university

ID 334951

Brady Johnson

ID 730752

Ben Hansen

Tulane Master's of Accounting, Music Festival and Concert Production, CPA Candidate

ID 153008

Tiffany Woolley

Architect | Interior Designer

ID 443858

Sarah Williams

Undergraduate at Tulane University. Background in leadership and research. BS Neuroscience, BA Spanish 2014.

ID 650941

Matt Deitch

ID 870193

Paul Dacey

ID 536399

Gigi Ackerman

Tulane Grad, 2014. Experience in marketing, editing, and client management, strong background in the arts.

ID 506178

Ethan Abrams

Tulane graduate looking for a position in marketing, public relations, advertising, or sales.

ID 250673

Kevin Vogeltanz

Founder @the-law-office-of-kevin-s-vogeltanz-llc • Studied at @university-of-arkansas

ID 864565

Alexander Kutchin

ID 572503

Charles Drain

ID 185706

Sean Moore

Worked at Tulane University• Studied at @tulane-university

ID 685746

Alec Regitsky

Data Analytics, eCommerce Analytics, Risk Management, Financial Analysis

ID 846250

William Bates

Student at Tulane University; Worked at Ascent Private Capital Management, Global Hunter Securities

ID 714274

Anna Daskovsky

MBA Candidate graduating 2015 in finance & entrepreneurship -- financial modeling, business operations, lean startup, Excel, Quickbooks, Salesforce & other CRM

ID 852572

Alina Abazova

TFA Corps Member in Greater New Orleans. High School Physical, Earth and Environmental Science Teacher. Barnard/Columbia Graduate 

ID 462297

Emmitt Parkman

Design engineer at ICS Nett. Strong background in social media, marketing, design, and technology. Studied Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering

ID 559103

Kendall Jones

ID 843953

Chris Fox

Loyola Chicago BA and MBA, Tulane Law JD 2015

ID 877568

Adam Rivkin


Day job doing agency mortgage securitizations, poking around the startup world.

ID 867072

Shiva Adireddy

ID 115233

Noah Hebert

Development entrepreneur. Dance machine. Been to Africa? Come to Ghana! Seeking grants and CSR partners to help us franchise our impact @

ID 412919

Olivia Mahler-Haug

ID 523390

Amit Vyas

Worked at @novell, @core-education-consulting-services • Studied at @birla-institute-of-technology-and-science

ID 678018

Nicole Kappler

Traveling manager and Training manager for Fox and Hound

ID 560375

ella dove

Tulane University Graduate, Experienced Public Health and Nutrtion Consultant, Social Media and Marketing Experience

ID 621028

Brian Berlin

ID 318857

Marcia Quezada

Apple Retail employee. Conducted on-boarding and training for flagship stores in New York City. CUNY Queens College graduate.

ID 732936

Denys Vorobyov

ID 171759

Jason Carpentier

Works at @iseatz as a software development team lead.

ID 603761

Elinor Sanders

Product/Project Manager hybrid with some client services experience, currently working for a large online publisher, seeking new challenging role.

ID 46888

Bitsy Metcalf

ID 502373

Jonathan Brouk

Attorney at Chaffe McCall LLP - Entrepreneurs and Emerging Companies Team

ID 556716

Brennan L. Mackey

ID 558304

Ellen Byrne

Entrepreneurial Management student at Tulane University; Seeking career prospects with opportunities for growth.

ID 178603

Ethan Rosenberg

ID 271694

Bryan Joseph

Experienced Developer with various successes and a curiosity for cutting edge technologies

ID 559355

Jorge Alsina

Founder FundTag Marketing Group, Inc • Worked at Xerox Corporation and Kimoto Tech • Economics Degree from University of New Orleans

ID 749428

Eduardo Farias

Founder Beeqo • Studied Applied Math at @university-of-sao-paulo • Machine Learning and Social and Economic Networks Modeling and Analysis (Stanford Online)

ID 637959

Maggie Conley

Event Specialist, Logistics Master and Creative Thinker. Successfully planned events and festivals all while managing staff, time, and a budget.

ID 150800

Timothy Taylor, Jr.

Operations Manager, @new-name-coming Studied at @university-of-phoenix-mba

ID 481036

Daniela Chavez

Worked at @joyhound-llc • Studied at @loyola-university-new-orleans

ID 519924

Sean Rowland

ID 477401

Eduardo Farias

Founder • Studied Applied and Computational Mathematics at @university-of-sao-paulo. Stanford's online course Social and Economic Networks Modeling

ID 488047

Joey Lehrman

Founder Joey Lehrman • Studied at @university-of-new-orleans

ID 487658

Faisal Shuja

JD; Provided Marketing & Business Development for startups & small businesses; Studied Computer Info Systems in undergrad; previously worked at Credit Suisse

ID 518308

Kelsey Flannery

ID 81678

Derek Edwards

Single handily built a client base up to a full time occupation without any gym/sponsor help. Designed over 500 workout plans/systems over the past 3 years.

ID 54574

Zach Kupperman


Entrepreneur, investor, corporate attorney. Co-founder @dinnerlab. Founder @SiliconBayouNews. PollBob co-founder & CEO (Acquired by QuestionPro, Inc.).

ID 362886

Kim Rouse Barnard

Extensive theatre dance live event production résumé as producer,director,choreographer. Transitioned to film/tv in 06' making my way as an AD. And producer.

ID 666102

jeff madison

ID 363587

Grace Lowe

A national & international project manager

ID 484705

Alkia Mitchell

Student / Part-Time Woker Major: Computer Science Minor: Busines Administration Currently working with @winn-dixie & @university-of-southern-mississippi-1

ID 631156

Cassandra Roumo

I am in the final phases of earning my Doctorate of Management, Organizational Leadership with an anticipated graduation in the fall, 2014. My dissertation focus is a multi-methods ethnographic research of organizational culture in the nonprofit sector.

ID 168610

Patrick Vicini

Studied at @loyola-university-new-orleans

ID 836826

Christian Burck

Effective, experienced, and ambitious team leader with over a decade of proven success designing, building, and delivering high performance web applications.

ID 173170

Adam Clarke

Developer and Team Lead at iSeatz. Strong Ruby/Rails/Javascript skills.

ID 52276

Brandon C. Holliday

Founder @goodhiring • Studied at @nicholls-state-university

ID 51183

Georgios Bakamitsos

Advisor to @rebirth-financial.

ID 276231

Hunter Haydel

Software Developer @ iSeatz. Experienced with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and distributed systems.

ID 64310

William Lefever

Studied at @southeastern-louisiana-university

ID 582567

Chris Dufour


Renewable Energy/Carbon Project Finance Professional

ID 50408

Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene

Hacker, Author, Teacher, & LIMist

ID 75278

Ryan Chavez

• Business Development at @huka-entertainment •

ID 812363

Adam Aronovitz

ID 613227

Matthew Cali

Grad student, pro athlete and strength and conditioning coach. I hold a B.S. in Exercise Science and an MSc. in Entreprenuership and Business Management

ID 389851

Paxton Moreaux

MBA student; helped launch a startup restaurant and their expansion, managing a sales team

ID 862040

Ian Giovanni

Founder of "Here" the alternative for attending your lectures; Creative Design intern for the New Orleans Pelicans(2013);

ID 309324

Dan Abraham

CEO/Founder 30 years Marketing/Advertising Board of Directors of ACP (Assoc. of Coupon Professionals) Cause marketing strategist and analyst.

ID 882891

Donald Mehrtens III

ID 669209

Thad Ackel

In his most recent role as the President of Tribute Real Estate, Thad Ackel served as the driving force behind the southern Louisiana property management firm.

ID 358631

Stephen Compton

Founder Space Broccoli featuring the Tunes

ID 123530

Reynaldo Johnson

ID 136359

Kameron Ray Alexander

Business development at @memorandom

ID 225182

Shawn ODaniels

Co-Founder of iWorktickets. 1st software startup out of high school. Founded and worked at 3 other startups before starting iWorktickets.

ID 831303

Warwick Straw

ID 508001

Weston Murphy

Tulane Business Graduate May 2014. Worked at Spencer Trask Ventures with portfolio companies PayMD and Inno360. Intern for Tech Start-Up, Course Hero.

ID 391713

Korey Tichenor

ID 709946

Glen Despaux

ID 521058

bonnie canal

Dynamic, result-oriented, entrepreneurial professional with more than twenty years experience.

ID 540235

Sean Conor Chrisom

Current Google Employee. Former Teach for America Corps Member. [email protected]

ID 716705

Wayward Owl Brewing

@thebrewdude, planning a 15bbl facility for craft beer canning & a tasting room opening 2015 Louisiana. we give a hoot.

ID 672968

Claire Murphy-Ernst

Talented, educated, and dynamic Client Services and Operations leader with an extensive background in educational technology

ID 682379

Diantre Brown

ID 676807

Bonnie Buchanan

ID 673284

Melinda Emanuel

Tenacious, creative, & smart. My mission is to make life easier and more fun for as many people as possible. Experience with Disney, radio, & live events.

ID 613444

Djoser Baldwin

English student

ID 702257

Jeffery Pellegrin, BSEE, MBA

ID 571277

Kelle Ory

Creative strategist and researcher, Editorial Assistant for University Provost Report, Started delivery bakery in New Orleans, Cafeteria Coordinator

ID 836291

Michelle Calabro

ID 679760

Mark Kurt

Software Engineer/CIO/CTO, 10 Years of Experience, MBA

ID 849948

Joe Barrois


I have an interest in tech and pharmaceutical startups.

ID 763762

tommEE pickles

ID 807931

Patrick Brennan

ID 677905

Jory Bennett

ID 396099

Ashley Neyland

ID 321561

simon townsend

Full-stack ftw. Always looking to learn and grow. Highly interested in mobile development w/ a background heavily in Java/Ruby/JS

ID 349164

Dennis Pritchard

Founder/CEO-The Huey System, Inc. First Ever and Only user driver assessment tool. Portfolios are portable and used to connect with organizations.

ID 300245

Cameron Sampson

Front-end developer with experience in travel and market research

ID 363456

Alexandra Plaisance

ID 360519

Christopher Groh

Startup experienced, technology enthusiast, marketing minded and constantly shooting at the moon

ID 346095

Paula Wu

ID 496843

Reid Zafrin

ID 413014

Dakota Greene

Activated 3 campus marketing campaigns and started a digital marketing firm. IT graduate interested technical sales roles at technology companies.

ID 321478

John Holcom

Operations Manager.

ID 301278

Charles Carriere


(striving to be a better) husband, father, runner, Ironman, Tough Mudder, GRC Class 294, investor, human being

ID 306334


Exercise Freak!!!

ID 364878

Ellie Schwing

Started an international study abroad program in Panama City, Panama.

ID 312644

Michael Givens

Founder 39 South Productions • Worked at @many companies - see LInkedIn

ID 486868

William Ellison

Experience with medical technology start-ups.

ID 327590

Jimmy Stone


Born & raised in @new-orleans . Interested in @energy-2 , @finance and Technology. @williams-college @the-wharton-school

ID 354393

Alec Quig

ID 480175

Brittani Martin

ID 375191

Gregory Goodman

Recent college graduate, just moved back to New York from New Orleans, looking for a sales position in a New York Tech - Startup, Strong inter-personal skills

ID 482022

Nicomee Johnson

ID 225547

Sean Stallings New Orleans

A lifelong proponent of charitable giving and community service in the greater New Orleans area, Sean Stallings volunteers his time at St. Jude.

ID 33149

Rick Conway

Partner at Frantzen-Voelker-Conway Investments

ID 176660

Christen Dorsa

New Orleans resident Christen Dorsa seeks to elevate her experience in management and organizational and problem-solving skills in a corporate position.

ID 251445

Mandy Walsh

ID 79760

Glenn Penton

Co-Founder at @GrubSquad

ID 86523

Lisa Lynn

Past CEO & Founder of Specialty Freight Services, Inc. #30 of The "50 Fastest Growing" Privately Held Companies in NE FL 2004-2006 Jax Biz Journal, @circa 2007

ID 178803

Eat Eat

Founder EatEat • Studied at @southern-oregon-university

ID 271005

Ryan Leopold

Studied International Trade & Finance at Louisiana State University. Multifaceted capabilities with strong analytical reasoning, organizational, communication.

ID 46880

Troy Bourque


A.B. Freeman at Tulane MBA, First startup was in 1994. Internet and telecommunications are my comfort zones. 5 startups, 7 acquisitions to date..

ID 181307

Jeremy Bendat

Jeremy Bendat employed his sales experience and education to become the Director of Marketing at CorpInfo Services.

ID 145890

Jordan Gorrell

ID 1672

donald butler


ID 111602

Kevin Morgan-Rothschild

Founder @aquaponic-modular-production-systems

ID 57322

Will Glass

Founder of Drink Deck LLC. We've created a print and digital media concept for foodies and bar enthusiasts for travel in top food and drink destinations.

ID 98988

Natalie Noel

ID 44609

Carol Doyel

Founder of @living-better-llc, Prod. dev & startup at 23 yrs. old, dev. pharmaceutical delivery prog. for lg. Seattle Co., multi-state broker lic.

ID 134484

Cajun Bites

Cajun Bites is your go-to for hosting an authentic bayou blowout! Featuring flavorful and delicately seasoned specialties like the mammoth Turducken.

ID 260093

Cristina Noel Smith

Event Planning | Onsite Management | Cognitive Neuroscience Enthusiast

ID 889284

Shane Colman

Tech-minded educator with a dash of online journalist

ID 4226

Gerard Ramos

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