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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in New Orleans.

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ID 391463

Taylor Lapeyre

Worked at Everlane, Keletaire, and the Louisiana Biomedical Research Network. Studies at LSU.

ID 273320

Elliot Fleming

Founder @equity-slice • Studied at @tulane-university, @boston-university

ID 96293

Barrett Conrad

Founder and Player One at @red-ticket-games.

ID 125667

Zack Dever

Analytics at Rdio, previously hacked on Kinects at @kinobi

ID 162062

Matthew Culpepper

Founder @connect-for-a-cause • Worked at @iseatz • Studied at @mississippi-state-university

ID 230887

Gil Hildebrand

Tech cofounder @squidoo, @collabfinder. Specialize in Data Analysis, Business Intel, Software Performance and Scaling.

ID 2704

Ben Lavender

Co-founder of @dydra. Programmer, founder, nerd.

ID 116897

Max Gaudin

Founder @sidework, Airpnp • Worked at @shredworthy • Studied at @university-of-new-orleans

ID 278337

Joe Ellis

Full stack developer / designer with deep experience in user interface design, Javascript, and Ruby.

ID 173164

brad huber

Worked at @iseatz, @touring-plans • Studied at @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute, @louisiana-tech-university

ID 224634

Will Bradley

Currently working on Product at FundersClub. Co-founder of Springy LLC. Formerly at Microsoft.

ID 335216

Paul Christmann

VP Development at iSeatz, leading dev efforts to build apps for major travel companies. 15+ years leading dev teams.

ID 231672

Carlo MacDonald

It's not about what we are doing today, but what we will be doing in three years. 25 Year IT Evangelist with numerous successful IT companies.

ID 763440

Paulina Rodriguez

Applied mathematics graduate. Extensive applied math research experience. Worked in the UC system.

ID 124708

Cole Wiley

Lead Interface Developer at @kinobi

ID 32448

Gerard Ramos

Co-Founder at Revelry Labs. Previously e-commerce at @zappos and @williams-sonoma.

ID 118354

Joel Wietelmann

Co-founder & CTO @revelry. Serious about architecture. Ruthless about MVP. Facebook pays me to build their UX research tools.

ID 331129

Peter Jacobson

Designing and building mobile and Web applications since 1996. Founded Linking Arts in 2004. Specialties: Development, UX, IT Management, Event Production

ID 272521

John Henry

IT Project Management, PMO setup, strategic Project, Program & Portfolio Management

ID 196323

Taylor Donner

Web Developer from @MakerSquare. Associate at @techstars with experience in Business Development, R&A, content creation, and much more.

ID 47832

Michael Weber

Co-founder & developer at @pixt-com. Co-founder & developer at @noladefender-com. Art director at NYPress.

ID 173170

Adam Clarke

Developer and Team Lead at iSeatz. Strong Ruby/Rails/Javascript skills.

ID 300245

Cameron Sampson

Front-end developer with experience in travel and market research

ID 50408

Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene

Hacker, Author, Teacher, & LIMist

ID 171759

Jason Carpentier

Works at @iseatz as a software development team lead.

ID 199574

George Mauer

Worked at @surge-consulting-group, @eps-software • Studied at @tulane-university

ID 276231

Hunter Haydel

Software Developer @ iSeatz. Experienced with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and distributed systems.

ID 679760

Mark Kurt

Software Engineer/CIO/CTO, 10 Years of Experience, MBA

ID 86523

Lisa Lynn

Past CEO & Founder of Specialty Freight Services, Inc. #30 of The "50 Fastest Growing" Privately Held Companies in NE FL 2004-2006 Jax Biz Journal, @circa 2007

ID 836826

Christian Burck

Effective, experienced, and ambitious team leader with over a decade of proven success designing, building, and delivering high performance web applications.

ID 349164

Dennis Pritchard

Founder/CEO-The Huey System, Inc. First Ever and Only user driver assessment tool. Portfolios are portable and used to connect with organizations.

ID 208124

Lee Gillentine

Multi-disciplinary programmer. Proud practitioner of Agile development and KISS.

ID 271694

Bryan Joseph

Experienced Developer with various successes and a curiosity for cutting edge technologies

ID 254651

Alexandra Anastos

Education: Tulane University, A.B. Freeman School of Business. BSM Finance and Entrepreneurial Mgmt; International Development minor. Freeman School of Business GPA: 3.8. Will graduate May 2013. Experience: Equity Analyst at Burkenroad Reports, Corporate

ID 52276

Brandon C. Holliday

Founder @goodhiring • Studied at @nicholls-state-university

ID 659555

Steve Strutt

ID 185706

Sean Moore

Worked at Tulane University• Studied at @tulane-university

ID 196001

Rob Caraway

I created Nice applications (mobile and web) like Valt (

ID 251445

Mandy Walsh

ID 134375

Kent Bloxson

Executive in charge at @mstv-productions. I founded @mstv-productions in 2005 and brought it to life in 2007 with our flagship programming offering - MyScene TV.

ID 321561

simon townsend

Full-stack ftw. Always looking to learn and grow. Highly interested in mobile development w/ a background heavily in Java/Ruby/JS

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